More affordable housing welcomed

In response to the news that Denbighshire County Council are developing more affordable housing, Councillor Rhys Thomas on behalf of Plaid Cymru said: "We have taken every opportunity to remind the Cabinet of the need of affordable housing for the people of Denbighshire.

"We are therefore pleased to see these developments, and hope that they are only the first steps in the direction of developing housing to answer local needs. Plaid Cymru has an ambition that Denbighshire should become the leading authority on this.

"We have dozens of families living in temporary accommodation presently, which is often unsuitable and far from their home communities. The children of these families often miss school and these homeless people are not able to take jobs. This situation continues year after year at a recurring annual cost of many millions to the ratepayers of Denbighshire. The best way to tackle homelessness is by providing people with homes. This is why we need to develop more affordable housing which answers our needs, and not development plans which responds to the needs of developers."

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