Council could be plastic free in two years

Denbighshire County Council could become plastic free, following a motion put forward by Plaid Cymru the Party Of Wales at today’s Full Council meeting (Tuesday 3 July).


The motion read:

This Council calls on the County Council to show leadership to the rest of Denbighshire by committing to become a plastic free County within two years.

This Council will not use single use plastic.

We also call on the Council to contact the County's goods suppliers, calling on them to consider their use of plastic.

To consider the use of plastic when contracting to external companies.

Plastic straws will be exempt from this policy because of the needs of people with disabilities and swallowing difficulties.

Councillors agreed in principle to the motion and asked for it to be taken to one of the Council’s Scrutiny committees in order to have more detail.

Cllr Emrys Wynne said: “We are all by now aware of the damage that plastic is causing to our natural environment. We see the waste all around us, and the oceans are full of plastic. Some organisations have taken a lead in banning plastics, and several towns and communities here in Denbighshire have committed themselves to becoming plastic free.

“As a Council we should show leadership, and commit that not only will the Council as an organisation commit to becoming plastic free, but that we work towards the County becoming plastic free.

“This would mean giving up single use plastic, and using alternatives to plastic where possible.

“There are exceptions, including when the health, well-being and dignity of individuals is being threatened. For instance plastic straws are essential for some disabled people. But I hope and expect cross-party support for this important motion, and am looking forward to seeing this authority show leadership on this issue.”

Join the campaign to make Denbighshire Single-Use Plastic free by signing our petition here.

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