Council looking at alternatives to Kingdom Security

Council looking at alternatives to Kingdom Security

Denbighshire Council is to look again at its contract with controversial Kingdom Security after criticism of its litter enforcement policy.

The council will consider a range of options, including bringing the service in house and greater collaboration with other north Wales council to tackle dog fouling and other environmental crimes.

The Council’s Performance Scrutiny Committee supported Plaid Cymru’s motion to look at working across north Wales, after a discussion on the Council’s contract with Kingdom Security, which has attracted headlines over controversial tactics that have led to thousands of people being fined for dropping litter.

Plaid Cymru Group Leader, Councillor Arwel Roberts said: “We believe that this contract should end and the service come back in house. It’s wrong that a multi-million pound firm such as Kingdom profits from the people of Denbighshire, taking the money out of our economy and into the pockets of their shareholders. We understand that there are concerns over the Council’s capacity to carry out the role performed by Kingdom. But we believe that greater collaboration between north Wales councils could result in an effective and better service, directly answerable to local people.

“Officers will now bring a report back to this committee outlining the various options that we might consider, including the idea of developing a partnership across the region.”

Cllr Roberts also accused Kingdom of showing complete contempt to the people of Denbighshire after they refused to attend the committee meeting today to discuss the firm’s contract with the Council, citing concern for the safety of their staff.

He said: “It’s appalling that Kingdom refused to attend today’s meeting and shows a complete contempt towards the people of Denbighshire and the democratic process. I understand that Kingdom have come under a lot of public scrutiny recently. Some of the comments and actions of a few people towards Kingdom have been threatening, which is completely unwarranted. However that doesn’t allow them from hide from scrutiny from councillors. Ultimately, this council employs them and they should be answerable to councillors.”

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