Critical report into joint procurement project

Mabon & Leanne Wood

Following a highly critical report by Denbighshire County Council's internal Auditors into a Joint Procurement Unit set up in 2013 between Denbighshire County Council and Flintshire County Council, Cllr. Mabon ap Gwynfor said:

"This is a very critical report highlighting serious failures on behalf of both Denbighshire County Council and Flintshire County Council to take advantage of their Joint Procurement Unit, and ensure that the people of both counties get the best possible savings from joint procurement.

"The report makes clear that we need a real change of culture in order to ensure that we benefit from this joint collaboration. That cultural change must come from the top. The blame lies with the lack of political leadership in this instance, there's no point blaming staff. They're under serious pressure to make savings across the board. The politicians at the top of the council need to step up and lead by example and show that we can work with other counties to provide value for money for our residents, and instill this collaborative ethos from the top down."

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