Druids Junction

We insist that the Welsh Government urgently improve safety at Druids Junction before anybody else suffers an accident there.

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Garry Jones
Eleri Hughes
Michellr Green
Lisa Davies
Idris Roberts
Caroline Smith
Rhian Herring
Kirk Williams
Elizabeth Darbyshire
Lowri Worth
Eirwen Williams
Ricjard Turner
Eryl edwards
Samantha Jones
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  • Garry Jones
    signed 2019-05-04 15:06:42 +0100
    Get professional drivers involved on these issues.. no good some person in an office who hasn’t got a clue about these places designing alternative.. Just because they have been on a “course”.. A roundabout there and Tyn y Cefn would improve traffic flo North on Fridays and South on Sunday’s during high tourist traffic.. Whoever designed the last time they spent a fortune, and made it worse than ever.. Whenever you have meeting about this,I would certainly attend.
  • Eleri Hughes
    signed 2019-05-04 15:06:25 +0100
    The road was a lot safer before they changed the layout of the lights, it needs to be the same as it was, it’s very dangerous when coming from Cerrig and turning for Bala, the lights says it’s green safe to go but the oncoming traffic are coming through at the same time! Whoever designed and made the changes should be liable for the devastation caused to peoples lives.
  • Michellr Green
    signed 2019-05-04 15:06:07 +0100
  • Lisa Davies
    signed 2019-05-04 15:05:23 +0100
  • Idris Roberts
    signed 2019-05-04 15:04:33 +0100
  • Caroline Smith
    signed 2019-05-04 15:03:25 +0100
    The planning of that junction/ lights is dangerous as accidents have been seen quite easily.
  • Rhian Herring
    signed 2019-05-04 14:59:42 +0100
  • Kirk Williams
    signed 2019-05-04 14:57:47 +0100
  • Elizabeth Darbyshire
    signed 2019-05-04 14:56:08 +0100
  • Lowri Worth
    signed 2019-05-04 14:55:35 +0100
    Lowri Worth
  • Eirwen Williams
    signed 2019-05-04 14:52:43 +0100
  • Ricjard Turner
    signed 2019-05-04 14:52:12 +0100
  • Eryl edwards
    signed 2019-05-04 14:51:49 +0100
  • Samantha Jones
    signed 2019-05-04 14:49:33 +0100

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