Food bank volunteers provide 100 Christmas hampers in the Vale of Clwyd

Denbigh and Ruthin food bank volunteers have banded together to prepare more than 100 festive hampers for local residents.

The Christmas hampers were prepared by volunteers from both food banks, who combine to help the needy throughout the year.

Councillor Rhys Thomas, who is treasurer of the Denbigh food bank, said: “This year we are putting together more than 100 Christmas hampers for the elderly and those in need in the Denbigh and Ruthin area. We have had fantastic support from local people as well as some supermarkets in putting together these hampers and the hard work of volunteers from both food banks also deserves recognition. It’s a bittersweet feeling that we have to do this to help those in need at Christmas due to government austerity and cuts but it’s also heartwarming that the community is rallying and coming together.”

Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM Llyr Gruffydd added his support for the initiative: “I’d like to thank all the volunteers who have worked so hard to put together these fantastic hampers as well as anyone who has donated throughout the year. It’s clear that the community spirit in this part of Wales is very much alive with the support that’s been received and I’m sure everyone who receives one of these hampers will be delighted.”

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