Campaigners move on to Prestatyn

Following this morning's campaigning in Rhyl the Vale of Clwyd Plaid Cymru candidate Glenn Swingler and his campaign team moved on to Prestatyn to distribute leaflets and talk to local voters.  Glenn was keen that the focus remained on Health and Social Care.  More about Plaid's policy on this vital topic can be found on the manifesto webpage A National Health and Care Service - The Party of Wales.

Next week he will be concentrating on other aspects of 'Caring for the People of Wales' and in particular Mental Health which he is particularly concerned about as a Mental Health Care Worker himself.

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Health and Social Care is a focus at National and Local level

On the day that Plaid Cymru Leader, Adam Price, visits his parents' home to focus on Plaid Cymru's vision for delivering ambitious changes to health and social care in Wales our candidate in the Vale of Clwyd constituency, Glenn Swingler, is out on the campaign trail in Rhyl.

Mr Swingler said that in his job as a Mental Health Care Worker and in his work as a County Councillor he had seen the need for an integrated health and social care service. He said "This has been discussed for many years, but nothing has changed. A Plaid government would ensure that this was put into practice."

Mr Price said that his mother cares for his father, who has dementia, and that he had "seen with his own eyes" the struggle that many families faced.

"A new National Health and Care Service would ensure the seamless integration of delivery on a local level, bringing together local government and health boards in new regional care partnerships," Mr Price said. Plaid Cymru would set up a commission to investigate the different options for funding the service.

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Campaigning with the PCC candidate

Two of Plaid Cymru's candidates campaigned together in Denbigh this afternoon. Glenn Swingler, the Vale of Clwyd candidate for the Senedd election was on his own patch to welcome our candidate for the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner.

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Your candidate out campaigning

Today it was Trefnant's turn to welcome Plaid Cymru candidate, Glenn Swingler. Glenn will be visiting all parts of the constituency during the campaign.  He'll be back in Denbigh this afternoon jointly campaigning with Ann Griffith, our candidate for the Police and Crime Commisioner's role.

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Vale candidate proud of Manifesto

Today Plaid Cymru launched its Manifesto for the Welsh Parliament Elections on May 6th.  It's an ambitious but fully costed manifesto for creating a fairer, kinder society for the people of Wales.

Glenn Swingler, Plaid Cymru's candidate for the Vale of Clwyd constituency said "I'm proud to be standing for a party with such a progressive and ambitious manifesto.  As a Councillor I've spent much of my time helping people with housing and homeless issues and I'm so glad to see that one of the main policies is to ensure 50000 social and affordable homes.  There are areas of this constituency that are amongst the most deprived in Wales and proposals such as £35 top up per week for the poorest families, cutting the Council Tax bills and help for small business will go a long way to address these issues. Two decades of Labour in government in Wales and the Tories in government in Westminster has left the people of the Vale of Clwyd and, indeed, the whole of Wales wanting."


The manifesto is  summarised here with links to downloads of the full manifesto, easy reading and large print versions.

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