School Uniform Grant


(i)  This Council notes that:

  1. School Uniform Grants were provided to children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds as they entered Year 7
  2. The value of the Grant was £105 per pupil
  3. 156 pupils in Denbighshire received this Grant in 2017/18, and an average of 166 pupils have received it per year since 2009/10
  4. The value of this school uniform grant for DCC last year (2017/18) was £16,380

(ii)             This Council condemns the Welsh Government’s plans to scrap the School Uniform Grant.

(iii)            This Council believes that ill-conceived announcements creates uncertainty, and that DCC will have to budget according to information that is available not on vague assurances that another form of funding will replace the Grant

(iv)           This Council seeks urgent clarification from the Welsh Government as to what new funding it plans to put in place to replace the School Uniform Grant, and a clear timetable when the Council should expect to receive the funds.

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