Questions asked about extra costs for Harbour Bridge

Plaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales on Denbighshire County Council have requested that the Rhyl Harbour Bridge debacle be called in and scrutinised by the Council.

It emerged last week that Denbighshire County Council were now expected to pay an extra £60,000 for maintenance costs on the newly built bridge. At a Council Cabinet meeting it was said that the maintenance costs weren't factored when the original contract for the bridge was tendered. This money will have to be found from this years budget and was not factored in when the budget was passed earlier this year.

Plaid Cymru said that lessons needed to be learnt in order to ensure that such mistakes were not repeated.

Mabon ap Gwynfor, who is a member of the Council's Corporate Governance Committee, which scrutinises the Council's accounts, said, "I can't understand how a situation arose where a crucial costing was not considered. This will mean significant extra costs for the Authority this year at a time when finances are already extremely tight.

"The question must be asked, wold the contract have been awarded if the full costs were known? Will this be a recurring cost? Who's budget is going to lose out this year in order to pay for this?  

"This is why we've asked for the matter to be brought in front of a scrutiny committee in order to look at the matter in detail and ensure that lessons are learnt."

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