Plaid accuse Cabinet of keeping public in the dark over budget proposals

Plaid Cymru on Denbighshire County Council have called on the ruling Cabinet to be more transparent and less secretive with the Council’s Budget. The party also called for a People’s Budget, and insisted that the public should have a say in the process.

Following a Council Budget Briefing for members, Plaid Cymru group leader, Cllr Arwel Roberts, wrote to Council Leader, Cllr Hugh Evans expressing disappointment that no consultation had been carried out with the public, and that discussions which should be public were held behind closed doors.

Cllr. Roberts said, “This ruling Tory-Independent coalition have said many times that difficult decisions will have to be made with the Council’s Budget. However, they have singularly failed to consult with the public on any part of the budgetary process so far.

"When announcements about the tax levels and cuts will be made the people of Denbighshire will be understandably shocked and outraged, yet this Cabinet have made no attempt to include the residents of the County in any part of the process, or even inform them of any proposals.

“This is Denbighshire people’s money and their services we are dealing with here. They have a right to be involved. Nearby Wrexham Council have conducted a wide public consultation, and Conwy have been open and transparent. However, here in Denbighshire it’s all secretive and hush-hush. This just won’t do.

"The public should be active participants in the whole process. We need a People’s Budget where the people are listened to and have their voices heard.

"This is why we are Calling on the ruling Cabinet to make public their plans at the earliest opportunity and allow the public to scrutinise and comment and make suggestions themselves.”

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