People's Vote

This Council notes with concern DCC’s Corporate Risk Register entry for Brexit;

This Council further notes

  • Care Forum Wales’ concerns that the Care Industry is at ‘crisis point’, warning that the long-term effects of Brexit could lead to a massive staffing shortage
  • according to the North Wales Mersey Dee Regional Business Monitor, the Total exports from Denbighshire & Conwy in 2016 was £188m in 2016. Of this £102m – 55% - went to the EU. For Flintshire and Wrexham Total exports amounted to £5,051, of which £4,382 – 87% - went to the EU;
  • Wales is a net beneficiary of the EU, receiving around £245m more from the EU than what we pay in;
  • The UK Government’s Environment Secretary, Michael Gove MP’s, comments earlier this month saying that departure without a deal would cause “turbulence…It would hit those who are our smaller farmers and smaller food businesses… “It’s a grim but inescapable fact that in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the effective tariffs on beef and sheep meat would be above 40 per cent – in some cases well above that,”;
  • That every credible economic forecast, shows that Brexit – both with Theresa May’s deal and without, will damage the UK economy
  • The negotiations over these past two years have exposed the complexities of the various leave options;

This Council recognises that In Denbighshire, 13.5% of all local business units on 10 Mar 2018 were in the 'Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing' industry. This was the largest business industry by classification. 

This Council is concerned

  • of the potential impact of Brexit on the Health and Social Care sectors in Denbighshire;
  • at the potential impact of Brexit on the local economy of Denbighhsire;

Given this new information and the details known about the proposed deal, this Council calls on the UK Parliament to put the options now available, including the option to remain a member of the EU, before the people for a People's Vote.  

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  • Leslie Holland
    commented 2019-01-29 15:49:26 +0000
    Labour fucked us.
    Who can we depend on to stop this sorry mess.

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