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This Council notes with concern DCC’s Corporate Risk Register entry for Brexit;

This Council further notes

  • Care Forum Wales’ concerns that the Care Industry is at ‘crisis point’, warning that the long-term effects of Brexit could lead to a massive staffing shortage
  • according to the North Wales Mersey Dee Regional Business Monitor, the Total exports from Denbighshire & Conwy in 2016 was £188m in 2016. Of this £102m – 55% - went to the EU. For Flintshire and Wrexham Total exports amounted to £5,051, of which £4,382 – 87% - went to the EU;
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Basic Payments for Farmers

“This Council notes:

  • The Welsh Government’s Brexit and Our Land White Paper and subsequent consultation
  • The proposals within the paper to scrap Basic Payments for farmers
  • That basic payments make up some 80% of livestock farmers income
  • That agriculture industry continues to be a substantial employer, both directly and indirectly, in Denbighshire


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Plastic Free

This Council calls on the County Council to show leadership to the rest of Denbighshire by committing to become a plastic free County within two years.

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Period Poverty

This Council calls on Denbighshire County Council to provide female sanitary products for free to schools in Denbighshire, ensuring that girls are able to receive them in a way that respects their dignity and independence

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School Uniform Grant


(i)  This Council notes that:

  1. School Uniform Grants were provided to children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds as they entered Year 7
  2. The value of the Grant was £105 per pupil
  3. 156 pupils in Denbighshire received this Grant in 2017/18, and an average of 166 pupils have received it per year since 2009/10
  4. The value of this school uniform grant for DCC last year (2017/18) was £16,380
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Llandrillo College, Denbigh


“Council deplores the way that Coleg Llandrillo-Menai have dealt with the proposed closure of Denbigh College and calls on the Welsh Government to intervene.”

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Universal Credit

This Council calls:

  1. On the UK Government to pause the roll-out of Universal Credit
  2. On Welsh Government to demand devolution powers to vary how Universal Credit is paid in Wales
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